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Our artisans

Everything was born in Cantù, near Como. Our history, our furniture, the tradition of wood. 

It is literally called "the city of furniture" and even today there are many workshops related to this sector; their origin dates back to the nineteenth century, when entire families made the first objects in a room extending out of the back of their house. Craftsmanship, of course, but first and foremost, life stories. Our artisans tell us all.


disegno artigiani


A carpenter for 40 years, since there were only a few houses and small stores in the village. For Fabrizio, wood runs in the family: his father was a carpenter, and today his son is learning the line of work. He would not trade his job for anything else. But he would exchange two hours of it for a good "cassoela".


His workshop was established in 1939, thanks to the work of his grandfather, Giovanni. Michele's family has been painting furniture forever. Colors are prepared in the workshop, each product has its own recipe, always made with love.