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Eugenio Gelao

"The first collection for Lebanto was born from the union between the past and the present, investigating the lines and shapes used by the great Italian masters and combining them with the color and interiors of today. A contemporary reinterpretation of the furniture of the past, handmade and designed to last.


disegno a mano

Furniture that "speaks Italian", born in Cantù and designed by the hand of Turin. The mirrored details present on all the pieces, in fact, want to remember the play of light and shadow that is generated through the columns of the arcades of Turin. 

A collection designed to give new life to the furniture of yesteryear, now in disuse, such as: the grandmother's sideboard, which placed near the telephone was transformed into a comfortable seat; or the alcohol cabinet, revisited in a modern bar cabinet with pure and captivating lines.

A balanced synthesis between form and function, between tradition and innovation. A new informal elegance that screams color. "