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Console Table - Ash Green


The craftsman's hand has outdone itself: at the front, the Palmaria console table has been hollowed out to accommodate twenty-three mirror strips, which capture and reflect its surroundings. Just think, it was built from three sturdy, 5cm-thick wood panels. On the side, it is machined to fit the satin-finished brass insert. 

Imagine it in your entryway at home, in a hallway or a living room, to be personalized with a plant you love and a tidy tray ready to greet you when you come home. Ah, sweet home.

Ash Veneered Wood, Lacquered Wood, Satin Brass, Mirrors

Eugenio Gelao

This product is made – by hand – when the order is placed, so it takes about 6-8 week of waiting. No stock, no waste. Wide happiness.

Within 14 days of delivery.

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